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Our mission is to showcase interactive and easy to understand visuals using data compiled from neurosurgical residency programs throughout the United States, providing timely and relevant information to future and current leaders in the field.

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Our Story

We got our start by attempting to understand recruitment trends in neurosurgery. What we soon discovered was finding these data wasn't so easy. The information we were after was fractured, buried, and nearly impossible to compare.

We knew that by compiling these data into one place, in an easy to digest format, we would have valuable information for prospective applicants and programs. Further, our data could be used to provide important insights and inform decisions.

Thus, Cranial Inroad was born.

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To help us accomplish our mission we created INROAD, our Interactive Neurosurgery Residency Overview, Atlas, and Database. INROAD is our solution to displaying up-to-date program data in an easy to use, interactive map.

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Meet the Team


Have questions, comments, or suggestions for ways to improve?

We would love to hear from you! 

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